I want an excellent wireless network.

I want an excellent wireless network

Where would we be without networks, hardware, software and internet? That's right: nowhere. Especially in logistics where processes keep running 24/7, the certainty of excellently functioning networks and systems is a must-have. Vanboxtel is your partner for this. We are the place to go for:

  • Delivery and installation of hardware. From PCs and servers to mobile terminals and barcode scanners.
  • Systems management. A solution focused on the continuity of your business operations.
  • Network management. Wireless and wired networks for all types of businesses.
  • 24/7 support. We are at your service around the clock.

Expert in wireless infrastructure

As far as wireless networks are concerned, Vanboxtel is the expert of choice. The larger the warehouses and halls, the better our expertise is showcased. Our strength? Smart positioning of the access points and intelligent structuring of the system. The result: reception anywhere at any time. Even when you are exactly in between two access points.

Would you also like a network you can trust?

Working with Vanboxtel means that nothing is left to chance. Please contact us for more information.

Ik wil een excellent draadloos netwerk.

Seven locations, one automated system

Supply and demand in seven locations tuned to each other flawlessly.

Greenco was the first grower in the Netherlands that presented snack tomatoes, small cucumbers and miniature peppers. By now the cups of Tommies and Fred & Ed are a familiar sight in Dutch and foreign supermarkets. Greenco is even in the top five of best tomato growers in the world, so they have a reputation to uphold. Everything revolves around perfect traceability of products, quality guarantee and fast delivery for which real-time insight and reliable prognoses are crucial.

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