I want better grip on the costs of my logistics processes.

I want better grip on the costs of my logistics processes

Is the logistics personnel still using paper forms? Are there too many mistakes? Or do you feel that actions can be more efficient? Then there is no doubt that you can significantly save on costs in your logistics processes. How exactly? At Vanboxtel, we have all the knowledge and experience required to provide good advice.

Saving on logistics costs

Apart from extensive experience, we have tangible solutions that increase efficiency and save on costs. Such as:

  • Warehouse Management System. This is the foundation for smart automation of your goods flow. It is the perfect way to significantly increase efficiency in your logistics processes.
  • Barcode scanning and automatic identification. Everything that happens on the work floor is automatically processed and registered in the systems. This results in real-time insight, fewer errors and less administration at the office. In other words: direct profit.
  • Voice solutions. Order pickers are given oral instructions through the headset and thus have both hands free. As a result, they work faster and more meticulously.

Quality up, costs down?

We will provide a solution that fits your organisation and processes seamlessly. Feel free to call us for a meeting without obligation.

Ik wil meer grip op de kosten van mijn logistieke processen.

Tracking & tracing via lot codes

Lot codes ensure flawless registration of pallets, cartons and consumer units.

Name a health product and UniPharma has it. The wholesaler supplies no less than 43,000 different care products, over-the-counter medication and food to over 2,000 shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. Apart from these store deliveries UniPharma handles an ever increasing number of fulfilment orders from web drugstores from the same distribution centre. This means that entire pallets and large cartons are listed beside single boxes of painkillers on the picking list. If you then also take into account the importance of tracking & tracing for medication and food, you can understand why UniPharma came to Vanboxtel.

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