I want more grip on quality in transport.

I want more grip on quality in transport

Efficient transport planning makes the difference between profit and loss. However, quality is at least as important. The Vanboxtel Transport Management System (TMS) provides grip on transport quality and costs. Error-sensitive manual processes are a thing of the past. For instance, the system checks whether the right goods are loaded onto the right truck. When all signals are set to green, literally, then the driver can hit the road.

Smart route planning and more

The TMS consists of software for the planner and mobile terminals with a proof-of-delivery app for the trucks and cars. The transport orders are translated into trips automatically with all the orders in the most ideal order. Another address is added? Not a problem, flexibility is the strength of the TMS. As is excellent traceability. The automated registration and processing of kilometres, delivery times, packaging, defects and other relevant information provides flawless and efficient administration.

Increase quality, improve insight?

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Ik wil meer grip op kwaliteit in transport.

Advanced app with proof-of-delivery

Mobile terminals and proof-of-delivery function get rid of your paper administration in one fell swoop.

Business in the Caribbean is done in a different manner than we are used to. A deal is a deal? Not on Aruba. There, a change or rejection of orders at the time of delivery is nothing out of the ordinary. This is handy for the buyer, but a challenge for wholesalers. Goods are returned every day. Romar Trading, importer of beverages and wholesaler of, for example, Heineken, Guinness, and Johnny Walker, had trouble processing the credit flow. Vanboxtel turned this enormous amount of paper administration into a smart app.

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