Our approach


Your organisation and processes as the starting point

The solution that increases productivity of your warehouse or transport is not a standard solution. After all, every organisation is different, which is why we will first map out your specific situation. How are your processes structured now? What could be more efficient and better? We think alongside with you, provide advice and present you with a proposal that fits your goals.

Software, hardware and implementation

The entire logistics field is our field of work. Our solutions encompass everything: from software and hardware to implementation. It is the seamless interplay between these disciplines that makes us stand out from others. And not to forget: our practical approach. We have both feet firmly planted on the logistics ground. That is why we only feel our assignment is only completed after sound training of the users and practical support on the work floor.

Talent wanted!

Working at Vanboxtel, something for you?

Analytic capabilities, curiosity, team spirit and persistence. These are more or less the competencies required to be successful at Vanboxtel. We are constantly on the lookout for talent. People who do not avoid challenging issues, gladly tackle problems and will not stop until there is a solution.

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