Network management

The installation of a professional and flawlessly functioning wireless network in large warehouses and industrial buildings is an art in itself. Everything is about intelligent positioning of the different access points and a seamless transition between zones. At Vanboxtel we not only realise that every millisecond of network failure is one too many, but we also have the expertise to prevent this.

For all types of companies

In shops, offices and other (industrial) buildings, excellent wireless infrastructure is just as important, of course. That is why we are also the point of contact for non-logistics companies in terms of the installation and management of networks, whether wireless or wired networks.

Why network management by Vanboxtel?

  • Expert in wireless infrastructures
  • Your business continuity first
  • Security: every solution implemented with built-in redundancy
  • Intelligent solution focused on your business operations
  • 24/7 support via our own service desk


Software, hardware, telephony and 24/7 support

Completely worry-free in terms of hardware, software, telephony and systems management.

Chocolate, cookies, candy and other goodies. In part thanks to Strootman Group, we can also buy confectionery in non-food retail, such as Action. The supplier buys up major remaining lots from over thirty countries and sells them again internationally in a very short space of time. But a lot needs to be done in advance to make this happen. Absolutely everything is repackaged in the packaging, composition and amounts desired by the buyer. This and the fact that foodstuffs are subject to very strict quality requirements made registration a necessity.

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