Systems management

PCs, printers, networks, software, internet and email: modern and successful companies completely depend on it. It makes sense that you do not ask just anyone to take care of your systems management. You want to work with a party that puts your business continuity first. That combines expertise with reliable solutions and a 24/7 service. Vanboxtel is such a party.

Your continuity first

Vanboxtel takes care of the systems management of all types of companies. From shops and small offices to multinationals and major logistics parties. Even though we focus our solution on your business operations completely, our approach has been largely standardised. As a result, you will never be dependent on one or a few employees and we will be able to be of service to you quickly. Because that is what it is all about: the constant availability of your systems.

Why systems management by Vanboxtel?


Software, hardware, telephony and 24/7 support

Completely worry-free in terms of hardware, software, telephony and systems management.

Chocolate, cookies, candy and other goodies. In part thanks to Strootman Group, we can also buy confectionery in non-food retail, such as Action. The supplier buys up major remaining lots from over thirty countries and sells them again internationally in a very short space of time. But a lot needs to be done in advance to make this happen. Absolutely everything is repackaged in the packaging, composition and amounts desired by the buyer. This and the fact that foodstuffs are subject to very strict quality requirements made registration a necessity.

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