What we offer

At Vanboxtel, there is an inspiring, innovative and educational working environment that focuses on personal growth. A place where you can keep developing yourself. There is a reason why we have many colleagues who have worked here for years.

Good employment conditions

People work hard at Vanboxtel. And they get something in return. The pay and employee benefits are excellent. The atmosphere is pleasant, we have a nice company cafeteria with fresh products and there is a good profit-sharing scheme. After all, success is achieved as a team here.

Personal and flexible

Vanboxtel is involved with the person behind the employee. You always start here with internal training and a six-month contract. Is there a match for both sides? Then a permanent contract generally follows suit. After that you can develop yourself quickly, or a bit more slowly if that suits you more.

Not just for men

Automation and technology only for men? Not at Vanboxtel! We also employ women, who work here enthusiastically and with pleasure. That is exactly why we also invite women to react to our vacancies.

No traffic jams

We are primarily looking for colleagues from the (wide) area of Boekel. We barely have any traffic jams here. As a result, Vanboxtel is very accessible.


Thanks to our client team structure, you will deal with all aspects of our service provision, both technology and commerce and service. This makes working at Vanboxtel extremely varied.

Activities and meetings

The personal nature of our company is mirrored in our personnel activities. We regularly get together, for nice outings or for serious theme meetings. Thus, we develop ourselves both in terms of substance and as a team, so that we put in a great team performance for our clients every day.

The contact with my colleagues is very good, it almost feels like family

Jorrit - Implementatie Engineer

Do you already see yourself in this?

“A permanent contract after a seven month training period, that’s the Vanboxtel standard”

“After finishing my seven-month traineeship, I got rewarded with a permanent contract. So, what is next for me? To be honest I am still not certain. I find developing software very interesting, but also enjoy customer visits. Luckily, I get all the room I need to develop myself further. I originally worked in the insurance industry, but wanted to discover what else I might like, and might be good at. Vanboxtel offered a program consisting of three test days, which was ideal. In those three days you work on a few assignments, get to know the company and the work it does, and you will also meet the colleagues. In my case it just clicked, both for me and for Vanboxtel, after which I could start my traineeship. I’m happy at Vanboxtel and want to stay and grow here for the coming years.”

Vincent Welten - Software-engineer