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An interesting internship or graduation assignment is important for your future. At Vanboxtel, we gladly offer enthusiastic students an informative experience. We do not have any ready-made assignments, but we would rather look at where your interests lie together with you and determine how these fit in with current issues within our company. Thus, we will develop an internship or graduation assignment that challenges and helps us both.

The assignments below will give you an idea of the possibilities.

University-level graduation assignment

Research into warehouse congestion and the logic of logistics in order to develop an improved approach.

Description of the assignment:
Despite the steady growth of automation in logistics, employees still play a crucial part in most warehouses. They walk or drive through the hallways to place items or to collect them for a picking order. When there are many employees at the same place at the same time in the warehouse, it may be possible that they are blocking each other and are thus hindered from doing their job. This problem is known as congestion and is quite harmful to productivity. What causes congestion? Can we predict its occurrence and possibly even prevent it by structuring the warehouse processes differently? The analysis is primarily based on data generated by the Warehouse Management System (WMS) at one of Vanboxtel’s customers. The problem is tackled with a practice-based approached, by looking at the situation in a warehouse where congestion occurs.

Graduate internship at university of applied sciences (HBO) level

The realisation of a web application to visual data in the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Description of the assignment:
An important condition for optimal productivity in warehouses is having good insight into the goods flows. Hence the challenge to develop a web application that visualises data in the WMS in a 2D or 3D environment. This allows customers to see, at a glance, the warehouse stock and the movements on the work floor. Thus, all sorts of information is presented clearly, such as the empty spaces in the warehouse, the products that are approaching their expiration date and the so-called fast-moving products (items that are picked often). But it will also show the routes of employees and forklift trucks, historically and in semi real-time. The more information the application shows, the better the foundation for optimal structuring of the warehouse.

Internship at senior secondary vocational (MBO) level

The assignment: working on the installation/implementation of our products at the customer’s. This involves the following tasks:

  • Installing PCs
  • Configuring RF terminals
  • Patching network connections
  • Placing access point in climate panels
  • Warehouse activities
  • Setting up work spaces in case of internal relocations
  • Supervised installation of hardware at customers

Using WebSockets and offline availability of data | higher education-level internship project

At Vanboxtel, we use the latest technological innovations, but always based on a proof of concept. For that reason, the intern explored the world of web-based technology. More and more software is web-based. What are the pros and cons of this development for the world of logistics and for our …

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Operational dashboards and visualisation | higher education-level internship project

How is my organisation doing today? Is everything running on schedule? How many people are present and where are they located, exactly? These are all important questions for our clients. Our intern developed a solution with which to make the vast quantity of data about the processes that take place …

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Temperature registration in the supply chain | higher education-level internship project

Tracking and tracing is of critical importance in the food sector. Think of frozen goods, for example: their temperature must not exceed a certain threshold value during storage and transport. For clients, it is essential to have real-time insight. How can you read and register the temperature if e.g. the …

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Artificial intelligence in logistics | higher education level internship project

Our intern explored the world of artificial intelligence and studied how the logistics sector might benefit from this innovation. For example: what role can AI play in managing warehouses or predicting lead times? Artificial intelligence is hot, but what are its pros and cons? What requirements do the systems and …

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Logistical stimulation of congestion | university-level graduation project

This project also put our systems into practice. With the help of data, the intern studied where in a warehouse processes stagnate, what the underlying cause of the issue is and – especially – how it can be resolved. Are too many pickers working at the same location in the …

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3D virtualisation of warehouses | higher education-level graduation project

Our systems control processes in warehouses. This is done with the help of data: we are aware of everything that happens in the warehouse. Think of, for example, where the forklifts are located, what products are picked the most and which have almost expired and where employees are located. The …

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Internship projects

An educational (final) internship? A project that truly matters and with which you can actually contribute to a practical innovation? Vanboxtel can offer you just that. We give you the opportunity to work on a concrete project for one of our clients: logistical organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. Of …

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