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Vanboxtel in Boekel has been implementing and managing automation solutions for more effective and efficient flow since 1989. Of goods, people, cars, telephone calls, data... Vanboxtel speeds things up and makes movement in business more flexible. According to many customers of this family business, the people with their 'a deal is a deal' mentality are what makes the difference. What kind of work do Vanboxtel's employees do and what motivates them?

"For a major contract logistics service provider I realised the entire fulfilment of a major multimedia webshop. Orders received via the website are forwarded to the customer. Here, picking, packaging and shipping takes place. Together with the customer we developed the optimal procedures, and I translated them into programming. It is extremely rewarding to see that all these internet orders are processed excellently using your software. And that the people who use it are very satisfied with it. I'm proud of that."
"Proper preparation pays for itself. Once again this was the case when we recently implemented our Warehouse Management System (WMS) at a Logistics Service Provider in Enkhuizen. Filled with excitement and after three months of development, we started to enter about 4,000 pallets on Friday afternoon. This will take us all weekend, we thought. On Saturday afternoon, the first orders with the new WMS were already finished and we could go home already. That's the great thing about my job at Vanboxtel: being involved with the system from the very start right till the end. I make sure that all components from hardware to software are delivered on time and with the right quality."
"Looking through the users' eyes, because every project is different. To me, that's the most important and fun thing about my job. This attitude ensures that customers often see me more as a colleague than as a supplier. Which makes contact with customers a lot of fun for me. For example, a producer of animal feed, for instance, where we completely updated the office automation. From preliminary check to completion. At the end it was great to see that 'colleagues' there are very happy with the end result despite the necessary changes we sometimes have to implement."
"For a European Logistics Service Provider, we installed a wireless infrastructure in the warehouses in Romania, so they can work with mobile computers. Due to the distance, we did not perform measurements in Romania, but used high-tech software to estimate the hardware required. That was the first thing the customer could save on. We only had to go to Romania for the installation. I coordinated all these activities. I'm proud that our services are even asked so far across our national borders."
"For a company in the chemical industry, we implemented our Standard Interface Module for the electronic data interchange (EDI) system. With it, they can now include new business partners in their data exchange and make changes independently. I played a very versatile role in this project from sales, project management and software development to training the users. This versatility motivates me. Our clients profit from it, because it makes me their spider in the web."
"Apart from implementation of logistics automation, we also take care of its complete management at Vanboxtel. For example, for one of the Netherlands' most well-known cheese producers. We manage their entire IT infrastructure. From internet connections to terminal servers, and from telephone system to WMS. I first offered help desk support and solved problems as fast as I could. Then I worked on migrating their system to the new infrastructure. Satisfied users and the idea that IT colleagues at this wonderful company are able to work easier and more efficiently thanks to my work gives me a lot of satisfaction."
"Not only think of the how at the office, but also actually seeing your solution work on the work floor. This variety appeals to me. Take the implementation of voice picking for an international restaurant and catering wholesaler, for example. Via voice picking, employees hear through a headset which products they need to take from the shelves for each order. This allows them to use both hands. I was involved from the beginning up to and including the implementation and trained, for instance, the test users. By spending some more time on that, the customer can then train the end users themselves. Which was the idea behind the entire implementation process, by the way: to make ourselves as redundant as possible."
"The implementation of our Warehouse Management System (WMS) for a producer and packager of snack tomatoes was supervised by me. Our WMS also proves its worth for a vegetable grower who, of course, has barely any stock. They mostly benefit from the work order module. I make sure that the implementation runs as smoothly as possible, including training the users. I do it with a lot of enthusiasm for Vanboxtel. Because thanks to the informal atmosphere, the short lines of communication internally and with the customer, the flexibility and speed Vanboxtel can offer, I can work together with our clients well and in a pleasant manner."
"For me, the informal working environment, the varied work activities and career opportunities are major benefits of my job at Vanboxtel. I do the creditor, debtor and payroll administration here. Moreover, our department is the point of contact for the vehicle fleet and building administration. It motivates me to guide and supervise the administrative processes of such a dynamic company. After all, the annual figures have to be sent to the accounts accurately and on time and management needs the right information at all times."
"For the biggest greenhouse complex in England, I developed a fully automated pallet warehouse and implemented it with colleagues. It is all about controlling mechanics and peripherals, such as scanners. The challenge is to find the right solutions, both technically and logistically. So it is not all about fast and reliable control of the mechanics, but also about the smart storage of products. For this project, we immediately made a general set-up for linking mechanics and peripherals. These are challenging projects with a lot of room for one's own initiative."
"At Vanboxtel, we realise challenging projects with a lot of different disciplines. Thanks to our short lines of communication, we quickly come up with solutions. For a complete supplier for the food service market, for instance. We installed a black box and an on-board computer in all their trucks. The black box registers the driving behaviour of the drivers and helps them with the new driving techniques. This allows the company to save significantly on fuel and maintenance costs. The on-board computer provides even more convenience, because it replaces the paper route schedule and records all activities of the driver (loading, unloading, refuelling, pausing). Writing it down and then copying it at the office is no longer required. It is great to see that a customer is very excited about it."
"For a European Logistics Service Provider, I worked on an implementation of the Vanboxtel Warehouse Management System (WMS) on the work floor in Bucharest. In total, this WMS project concerns seven branches in Romania and two in the Netherlands. Such a foreign implementation in close collaboration with local people who barely speak English is a great challenge for me. If you see that the system works according to the client's requirements after months of preparation, it gives you a lot of satisfaction. The large amount of variation and challenges in the job, from drawing up offers, developing applications and on-site implementation makes my work here challenging every day."

Werken bij Vanboxtel

Exam days

At Vanboxtel, we invest heavily in new colleagues, among others by means of an intensive training programme. Extremely interesting, but it does need to suit you. Have you had an introductory visit with us and do we both feel good about it? Then you will receive an invitation for our exam days. It is a three-day programme in which you do various assignments and are introduced to our company extensively. Do you have good scores and is there a match? Then we would love to welcome you as our new colleague.

Internship or graduation

An interesting internship or graduation assignment is important for your future. At Vanboxtel, we gladly offer enthusiastic students an informative experience. We do not have any ready-made assignments, but we would rather look at where your interests lie together with you and determine how these fit in with current issues within our company. Thus, we will develop an internship or graduation assignment that challenges and helps us both.

What we offer

At Vanboxtel, there is an inspiring, innovative and educational working environment that focuses on personal growth. A place where you can keep developing yourself. There is a reason why we have many colleagues who have worked here for years.

Our culture

Vanboxtel is a family business with attention for the human aspect. Informal, personal and friendly. The communal lunch at our own restaurant is always an excellent time to meet colleagues. Especially because we employ so many different people. From computer engineers and electrical engineers to business administrators and everything in between. They work together in expert and close-knit teams. Because we value team work at Vanboxtel.

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