Vanboxtel is looking for talent

Analytic capabilities, curiosity, team spirit and persistence. These are more or less the competencies required to be successful at Vanboxtel. We are constantly on the lookout for talent. People who do not avoid challenging issues, gladly tackle problems and will not stop until there is a solution.

Which education is required?

You can work for us with nearly any sciences education at university of applied sciences or university level. As long as you have the right qualities and are never done learning. And are interested in the world of technology and logistics, of course! Together, we will look at where you will fit best at our company. Everyone who starts with us will enter an intensive training programme.

Are we a good match?

  • You describe yourself as eager to learn, analytical, solution-oriented and curious.
  • You are interested in technology or logistics in the broadest sense.
  • You like the way our company works.

If the above applies to you, then you can be certain there are opportunities for you at Vanboxtel. Tell us what you are all about via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., include your CV and who knows? We might invite you for an interview and our exam days.

Werken bij Vanboxtel

Exam days

At Vanboxtel, we invest heavily in new colleagues, among others by means of an intensive training programme. Extremely interesting, but it does need to suit you. Have you had an introductory visit with us and do we both feel good about it? Then you will receive an invitation for our exam days. It is a three-day programme in which you do various assignments and are introduced to our company extensively. Do you have good scores and is there a match? Then we would love to welcome you as our new colleague.

Internship or graduation

An interesting internship or graduation assignment is important for your future. At Vanboxtel, we gladly offer enthusiastic students an informative experience. We do not have any ready-made assignments, but we would rather look at where your interests lie together with you and determine how these fit in with current issues within our company. Thus, we will develop an internship or graduation assignment that challenges and helps us both.

What we offer

At Vanboxtel, there is an inspiring, innovative and educational working environment that focuses on personal growth. A place where you can keep developing yourself. There is a reason why we have many colleagues who have worked here for years.

Our culture

Vanboxtel is a family business with attention for the human aspect. Informal, personal and friendly. The communal lunch at our own restaurant is always an excellent time to meet colleagues. Especially because we employ so many different people. From computer engineers and electrical engineers to business administrators and everything in between. They work together in expert and close-knit teams. Because we value team work at Vanboxtel.

Do you want to work at Vanboxtel?

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