Our vacancies

Are you interested in Vanboxtel, but is there currently no vacancy that suits you? Then you can always send us an open application. Tell us why you feel you would be a match for us and what you have to offer, and we might invite you for a meeting. You can send your application to Francien van Boxtel through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are a lot of elements involved in the implementation of our logistics solutions. Months of preparation precede the moment supreme: going live. It is your job to coordinate all disciplines and keep everything on track. Do you combine your technical skills with good communicative skills? Are you able to stand firm? Are you able to make decisions and do your keep your head cool regardless of the circumstances? Then you have what it takes to become a great implementation engineer. 

How can we attune our Warehouse Management System to the processes and wishes of the customer as good as possible. As a software engineer, you take care of all customer-specific software adjustments and optimisations. Do you want to learn how to programme? Do you love work that is varied, challenging and with a visible result? And are you a person who sticks in to an assignment for 100 per cent? Then you have what it takes to become a great software engineer. 

No matter how good software solutions are, they will only work properly with the right hardware. And that is where you come in. For each project, you will map out the required hardware, prepare the equipment for use and have a major role in the implementation. Are you every inch a technician? Do you enjoy getting to the bottom of the latest technology again and again? And do you want a job that changes as technology does? Then you have what it takes to become a great IT engineer. 

The logistics industry is incredibly versatile. As is the world of software engineering. Do you want to work in a field that is constantly developing? Want to gather as much knowledge as you can and develop in a field that suits you? And are you a person who sticks in to an assignment for 100 per cent? Then the software engineering trainee programme may be of interest to you. 

Exam days

At Vanboxtel, we invest heavily in new colleagues, among others by means of an intensive training programme. Extremely interesting, but it does need to suit you. Have you had an introductory visit with us and do we both feel good about it? Then you will receive an invitation for our exam days. It is a three-day programme in which you do various assignments and are introduced to our company extensively. Do you have good scores and is there a match? Then we would love to welcome you as our new colleague.

Internship or graduation

An interesting internship or graduation assignment is important for your future. At Vanboxtel, we gladly offer enthusiastic students an informative experience. We do not have any ready-made assignments, but we would rather look at where your interests lie together with you and determine how these fit in with current issues within our company. Thus, we will develop an internship or graduation assignment that challenges and helps us both.

What we offer

At Vanboxtel, there is an inspiring, innovative and educational working environment that focuses on personal growth. A place where you can keep developing yourself. There is a reason why we have many colleagues who have worked here for years.

Our culture

Vanboxtel is a family business with attention for the human aspect. Informal, personal and friendly. The communal lunch at our own restaurant is always an excellent time to meet colleagues. Especially because we employ so many different people. From computer engineers and electrical engineers to business administrators and everything in between. They work together in expert and close-knit teams. Because we value team work at Vanboxtel.

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