Vanboxtel Traineeship

Do you have a technical profile or a different background, but a huge interest and passion for technology? Then consider a career at Vanboxtel!

The trajectory

Exam days

Have you been to us for an introduction and do we both feel good about it? Then you will receive an invitation for our exam days. This is a three-day program in which you carry out various assignments and get to know our company extensively. Do you score well and is there a click? Then you continue with the internal training.

Internal training in technology

At Vanboxtel we like to invest in new colleagues. Including through our intensive internal training process. Are you functionally good? Then you will get a job with us!

To work

Congratulations! You have successfully passed the test days and internal training. Now you can get started with us. First with a temporary contract. Then a permanent contract.

Permanent investment and constant growth

At Vanboxtel, there is an inspiring, innovative and educational working environment that focuses on personal growth. A place where you can keep developing yourself. There is a reason why we have many colleagues who have worked here for years.

Have you get curious and are you interested in training?

Contact us immediately

Do you already see yourself in this?

Your career at Vanboxtel: start with the basics. Show that you want and you will get enough career opportunities with us. We are always looking for people. Do you have what it takes to shape your own career? Then come and work at Vanboxtel.