Cooling and freezing: optimum grip and quality guarantee

Cooled and frozen goods need to be handled carefully. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides grip on the entire process from reception up to delivery. From proper registration, quality inspections and tracking & tracing to specific control of people and machines on the work floor. This ensures products are always transported, maintained and stored under exactly the right conditions.

Voice solutions and more

Are you using voice-controlled order picking? Voice solutions are ideal, especially for coolers and freezers and in other locations where employees wear gloves. Did you also know that we are your go-to partner for advice on the layout of your warehouse or logistics? What is the best location for fast-moving products? How do you optimise routing? At Vanboxtel, you will profit from nearly thirty years of logistics knowledge and experience.

Wireless infrastructure

You can also leave the care of your wireless infrastructure to us. It starts with intelligent positioning of the various access points, which are naturally placed in climate panels. Moreover, you are ensured of a seamless transition between zones.

Why choose Vanboxtel as a partner?

  • Nearly thirty years of logistics knowledge and experience in one solution
  • A directing WMS: clear instructions on the work floor
  • Flexibility: direction can be completely tuned to product type
  • Productivity increase and quality improvement
  • Complete solution: software, hardware and implementation by one party
  • Fast implementation: in three months
  • 24/7 support via our own service desk

Koel & vries

Advanced app with proof-of-delivery

Mobile terminals and proof-of-delivery function get rid of your paper administration in one fell swoop.

Business in the Caribbean is done in a different manner than we are used to. A deal is a deal? Not on Aruba. There, a change or rejection of orders at the time of delivery is nothing out of the ordinary. This is handy for the buyer, but a challenge for wholesalers. Goods are returned every day. Romar Trading, importer of beverages and wholesaler of, for example, Heineken, Guinness, and Johnny Walker, had trouble processing the credit flow. Vanboxtel turned this enormous amount of paper administration into a smart app.

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Transport Management System

Processing your orders with as few vehicles, kilometres and hours as possible: that is what the world of logistics and transport is all about. The Transport Management System (TMS) of Vanboxtel is the foundation for optimum control of transport quality and costs. Smart automation also ensures less paperwork, more insight and time savings. As a result, many customers benefit from cost savings of up to 30%.

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