Flexibility and efficiency for manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you want to be able to quickly respond to your customer's requests. And just as important: make sure the costs are optimally controlled and limited. With Vanboxtel's Warehouse Management System (WMS) you will lay the foundations for controlled and future-oriented business operations. There are numerous benefits: from intelligent control of manufacturing to complete tracking & tracing of resources and end products.

Smart automation

Efficiency is of primary importance in structuring your WMS. There is a reason why many manufacturers opt to integrate mechanical solutions such as roller conveyors, lifts and mobile scaffolding. The link with your ERP package can also be realised. By means of Electronic Data Interchange, we ensure proper communication between your ERP package and the WMS.

Why choose Vanboxtel as a partner?

  • Nearly thirty years of logistics knowledge and experience in one solution
  • A directing WMS: clear instructions on the work floor
  • Extensive tracking & tracing
  • Flawless communication with your ERP package
  • Increase of productivity by improving efficiency
  • Complete solution: software, hardware and implementation by one party
  • Fast implementation: in three months
  • 24/7 support via our own service desk


Seven locations, one automated system

Supply and demand in seven locations tuned to each other flawlessly.

Greenco was the first grower in the Netherlands that presented snack tomatoes, small cucumbers and miniature peppers. By now the cups of Tommies and Fred & Ed are a familiar sight in Dutch and foreign supermarkets. Greenco is even in the top five of best tomato growers in the world, so they have a reputation to uphold. Everything revolves around perfect traceability of products, quality guarantee and fast delivery for which real-time insight and reliable prognoses are crucial.

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Warehouse Management System

Smart automation of the goods flow in your warehouse does not only ensure higher efficiency, but also higher quality and lower costs. The Vanboxtel Warehouse Management System (WMS) proves this. It is a unique software solution containing a treasure trove of logistics knowledge and experience.

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