Speed and efficiency for retailers

We want to have the things we order online today by tomorrow and preferably sooner. The success of webshops completely depends on the speed of delivery. And in the physical shop it is all about adequate logistics, efficient stock management and short delivery times as well. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) will help you, as a retailer, to be successful in the ever-faster world of the consumer.

Link with your ERP package

Linking systems is one of our specialities. By means of Electronic Data Interchange, we ensure proper communication between your ERP package and the WMS. For instance, inbound orders are automatically translated into specific instructions on the work floor. Moreover, we use the right picking methods for every type of order, so both the branch and webshop orders can be combined in a smart manner and handled as efficiently as possible.

Why choose Vanboxtel as a partner?

  • Nearly thirty years of logistics knowledge and experience in one solution
  • Flawless communication with your ERP package
  • Significant savings on administrative costs
  • Fault reduction of up to 100%
  • A practical solution: activities on the work floor are constantly continuing
  • Complete solution: software, hardware and implementation by one party
  • Fast implementation: in three months
  • 24/7 support via our own service desk


Electronic Data Interchange

Your business partner, like you, has automated a lot of processes. It is strange then that, for example, after an order is placed, there first needs to be a fax, phone call or email to get that same order in your system? Vanboxtel offers a solution with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With it, we realise the automated data exchange between all companies regardless of the brand or type of software they use.

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