Registration from soil to mouth for cultivation companies

Proper traceability is crucial in the cultivation of potatoes, vegetables and fruit. You want to be able to track your products meticulously from harvest up to and including delivery. The Vanboxtel Warehouse Management System (WMS) facilitates this process in detail. At the touch of a button, all important information can be accessed per delivery: from harvest location and date to weight, packaging date, destination, and the package location.

Effective mechanisation and packaging

Every customer has different requirements for the packaging of products. Vanboxtel helps you meet these requirements. We take care of the complete installation of the packaging lanes including the mechanical elements, such as scales, sorting machines or complete labelling lines. This way, you can deliver your products in any packaging you desire, with, of course, the information the customer requires: ranging from weight indication and barcode to origin and packaging date.

More insight, better prognoses

Working with Vanboxtel stands for efficient, streamlined production and packaging. The treasure trove of information provided by our system also provides insight, clear management reports and reliable prognoses. A good foundation for even more efficient production.

Why choose Vanboxtel as a partner?

  • Extensive tracking & tracing
  • Cost-savings by reducing the amount of administration
  • Increase of productivity by improving efficiency
  • Improving quality by reducing errors
  • Complete integration of systems
  • Complete solution: software, hardware and implementation by one party
  • Fast implementation: in three months
  • 24/7 support via our own service desk

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Tasty Tom tracking & tracing

From soil to mouth: real-time insight and higher turnover rate.

When working with foodstuffs you have to deal with constant quality requirements and inspections, which means that proper traceability is crucial. Vereijken Kwekerijen grows, packages and delivers Tasty Tom vine tomatoes for the national and international markets throughout the year. Because the organisation, growing capacity and turnover kept growing, it was high time to implement an advanced logistics system. Vanboxtel installed a company-wide solution for Vereijken and the collaborating Tasty Tom growers.

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Logistics processes are all about efficiency. In many warehouses, mechanical elements, such as roller conveyors, lifts and mobile scaffolding are a requirement. Vanboxtel has all the tools and knowledge to add extra intelligence to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) through mechanical solutions.

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