Flexible delivery service, competitive prices and smooth returns handling: the modern internet consumer takes a critical attitude. With our Warehouse Management System (WMS), you will leave nothing to chance. The system lays the foundation for a dynamic warehouse, optimum stock management and a structuring of your processes that is as (cost) efficient as possible. This ensures that orders are delivered with lightning speed and that the administration surrounding them is done flawlessly.

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The savings in order picking

Efficient order picking is vital, especially for small orders. We will be glad to advise you on advanced methods, such as pick-to-light and voice solutions. Methods that we will naturally also implement. For optimum efficiency, the link with your ERP package is also important. By means of Electronic Data Interchange, we ensure proper communication between your ERP package and the WMS. Also want to automate the choice of the transporter and printing the label? Not a problem. We will provide the full pick & pack solution.

Why choose Vanboxtel as a partner?

  • Nearly thirty years of logistics knowledge and experience in one solution

  • Flawless communication with your ERP package

  • Significant savings on administrative costs

  • Fault reduction of up to 100%

  • A practical solution: activities on the work floor are constantly continuing

  • Complete solution: software, hardware and implementation by one party

  • Fast implementation: in three months

  • 24/7 support via our own service desk

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The entire logistics field is our field of work. Our solutions encompass everything: from software and hardware to implementation.

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Putting and keeping people and goods in motion: that is the mission we vigorously work on every day. Our employees develop and implement logistics solutions at home and abroad, from advice to implementation. Curious with which innovative projects we have really made an impact?

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Personal development, a familiar no-nonsense culture, technical innovation and projects with impact are central topics at Vanboxtel. Our employees are part of the Vanboxtel family. As in any family, we are honest and open with each other, but we are always there for each other. When we have to work hard for success, but also when we can celebrate this success. This contributes to our sustainable collaboration.

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