100% traceability and logic in storage

Carglass® delivers over 1.2 million car windscreens a year. Which is quite a challenge because of the large amount of different types and sizes. There are around seven optional windscreens for every car. And the service mechanic will only know on the spot which one is required. Which means that out of the seven windscreens, six are returned. And to think that cars sometimes have 25 different options! How do you store, pick, package and transport so many windscreens with different curvatures and specifications efficiently? And how do you do this for four warehouses, with all those returns and quality inspections? Time for an advanced system.

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More efficiency and overview

The figures speak for themselves. Thanks to scanning, Carglass® has 100% traceability. And a significant efficiency improvement in the picking process: 13% for windscreens and 18% for the accessories. Now, for the first time, there is real insight into the replenishment priorities. This is why Carglass® and Vanboxtel have also implemented the system in the Spain and Portugal branches successfully.

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