Malanico Retail

Restructure of technology, software and hardware

Think of any product that has to do with the nutritional and pharmaceutical needs of animals and Malanico Retail has it. With more than 6,000 different products, Malanico is the largest distribution partner for Dutch and Belgian pet shops, garden centres, DIY stores and webshops. The company asked Vanboxtel to completely restructure its technology, software and hardware.

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Logical pick flow and increased efficiency

Vanboxtel equipped Malanico’s warehouse with a fast wireless network and hardware access points. The Supply Chain Software has replaced paper picking lists and uses hand terminals and voice commands to create a logical pick flow and facilitate automatic order linking. By completing our courses, the staff of more than twenty pickers learned to work with the technology and work method. The result for Malanico? Fifteen to twenty percent more efficiency in the picking process. Since all steps are scanned and registered, the company has real-time insight into its various processes, inventory levels and defects.

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