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We are already seeing results! The quality and speed have both gone up.

Clientcase: Delta Wines

SaaS, voice picking and EMCS: Delta Wines has an entirely new WMS

With an annual volume of more than 75 million bottles, Delta Wines is the largest wine wholesaler in the Benelux. The company has been relying on Vanboxtel’s warehouse management system for its logistical needs. We updated the entire system. Software as a Service, voice picking and automatic excise duty payments, all fully compliant with the latest security requirements: Delta Wines is ready for the future.

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From retail to e-commerce

The world of wine presents myriad logistical challenges, says IT manager Marcel Versluis. “We deliver our products to clients all over the world; from enormous volumes sent to retailers to a single box of wine for a speciality shop. Soon, we will add e-fulfilment to private customers. Excise duty payments further increase the complexity of our operations. Then there are the rapid technological developments and the fact that our organisation has grown significantly in recent years. In short, it was high time to update our WMS.”

Walking through the warehouse with a headset on

In addition to using software that runs entirely in the cloud, the order-picking process has also been radically overhauled. “Our people now use voice-picking technology. They wear a headset as they traverse the warehouse and a voice tells them exactly where to go,” says warehouse manager Cor Stuut. “We are already seeing results! The quality and speed have both gone up. Another important benefit is that replacing scanners and paperwork with headsets leaves our order pickers’ hands free, which is very useful when handling wine bottles.”

Manual declarations are a thing of the past

Automatic excise duty payments also save a whole lot of time and manual labour. Whereas drivers used to arrive at Delta Wines’ gate with a thick sheaf of paperwork and customs declarations had to be filled out by hand, now all it takes is a single waybill. Incoming and outgoing goods are automatically linked to the Tax and Customs Administration’s Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS).

24/7 service

“The collaboration with Vanboxtel and the implementation both went exceptionally well,” Marcel says. “Our consultant at Vanboxtel was a great help and they were there for us at every critical moment, e.g. during testing. Of course, we continue to rely on Vanboxtel’s 24/7 service. No matter how efficiently everything has been automated, we are still a wholesaler, not an IT company.”

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