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Vanboxtel provides a wide variety of services, all aimed at supporting the logistics process at our customers as well as possible. The Vanboxtel-WMS is the starting point of managing the logistics process; using fully integrated real-time techniques such as scanning, voice and other forms of automatic identification. When you are dealing with mechanized components, Vanboxtel can play a role in integrating them into the WMS also.

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The smart automation of your goods flow leads to greater efficiency, higher quality and lower costs. The Vanboxtel Warehouse Management System (Vanboxtel-WMS) is clear evidence of that. Using the SaaS WMS in combination with fully integrated warehouse assets, we offer all the necessary services needed for your logistics process. Thanks to the complete service, you are guaranteed continuity in you logistics operation.


Logistics processes are all about efficiency. In many warehouses, mechanical elements, such as roller conveyors, lifts and mobile scaffolding are a requirement. Vanboxtel has all the tools and knowledge to add extra intelligence to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) through mechanical solutions.

Excise and Customs

As a logistics service provider or retailer dealing in excisable goods, you know that the registration and payment of excise duties is a complex and time-consuming process. Good news: Vanboxtel’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) can handle excise payments and declarations for you. With the help of tracking & tracing, the WMS has insight into all your logistical streams, transactions and incoming and outgoing goods.

Automatic identification

Logistics processes are full of registration points. The smarter you automate them, the smaller the chance of errors and the bigger the time savings. Thus, barcode scanning often leads to a significant improvement of productivity. And how about RFID and voice solutions? Vanboxtel not only possesses the knowledge, but also all equipment to optimally structure your processes. From truck terminals, barcode printers and label applicators to hand terminals, mobile printers and scanners in between forklift truck forks.


Saving up to 30% of your costs is just one of the benefits of using Vanboxtel’s voice-controlled order-picking solution. There is a reason why more than 5,000 warehouse employees use our voice solutions on a daily basis. Over the last twenty years, we have gone all-in on the development of this technology. For example, using artificial intelligence (AI) results in optimal speech recognition. New order pickers do not require any training; they can be sent out onto the work floor with a headset or voice vest immediately.

Warehouse assets

From hand and voice terminals to label printers and touch panels: the various warehouse assets you need for your logistical process are all integrated into Vanboxtel’s Warehouse Management System (WMS). With our full-range solution, we can take everything from IT management, security, configuration, repairs and issuance registration on the work floor out of your hands. On top of that, you can count on our 24/7 support.

Logistic datapath

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is more than just the right software for your logistical processes. We can also implement and manage all technological components. Think of e.g. warehouse assets such as hand and voice terminals and label printers, as well as your wired and wireless network, firewall and cloud platform. The technology and the network are fully tailored towards your business operations.

Support / service

Logistics processes run day and night. That is why Vanboxtel is always available for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A comforting thought.

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