Proper security of your buildings, products and people is a top priority. Do you want to combine optimum security with authorisations, insight and reporting in a smart way? Meet Vanboxtel’s Total Control System (TCS): an integrated telephony and security solution with which you will truly leave nothing to chance.

Why use telephony and access control by Vanboxtel?

  • Telephony and access control integrated into one system
  • Smart integration with (existing) business applications
  • Central control and maintenance
  • Easy to manage authorisations
  • Licence plate recognition for access gates
  • RFID applications, such as fingerprint recognition
  • Including intercom and advanced camera system
  • 24/7 support via our own service desk

Safe and efficient

The basis of the TCS is a contacts list with employees and any external relationships. You will assign the proper authorisations to every person. For instance, you will determine who has access to which rooms and for which people and licence plates the gate will open.

Treasure trove of information

At what time did the person in question enter? What route did they take? Who called when? Vanboxtel’s TCS offers access to a treasure trove of information, which is ideal in case of incidents or if you want to check something.

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Clientcase: SRG International

Software, hardware, telephony and 24/7 support

Chocolate, cookies, candy and other goodies. In part thanks to SRG International, we can also buy confectionery in non-food retail, such as Action. The supplier buys up major remaining lots from over thirty countries and sells them again internationally in a very short space of time. But a lot needs to be done in advance to make this happen. Absolutely everything is repackaged in the packaging, composition and amounts desired by the buyer. This and the fact that foodstuffs are subject to very strict quality requirements made registration a necessity.

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SRG International

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