The company

Vanboxtel: expert in logistics solutions

No other world is as dynamic as the world of logistics. If you want to leave your mark, you need to have insight into the entire logistics field. Vanboxtel has this insight. Ever since 1989, we have offered solutions that improve the efficiency and quality in warehouses and transport processes. Such as complete logistics systems that save on costs and time. But also, for example, hardware and software for voice picking and control of mechanical solutions.

From advice to implementation

Our employees develop and implement logistics solutions nationally and internationally. In teams that are well attuned to each other, they take care of the entire process from advice to implementation. In doing so, we always use the right logistics expertise. Expertise you can also find in our products and solutions that contain extensive logistics experience.

Our mission

Putting and keeping people and goods in motion: that is the mission we vigorously work on every day. We always focus on long-term cooperation. Not only with our customers, but also with our employees. That is why we train our people internally, put quality first and are aware that growth is never a goal in itself.

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