Our culture

Vanboxtel is a family business with attention for the human aspect. Informal, personal and friendly. The communal lunch at our own restaurant is always an excellent time to meet colleagues. Especially because we employ so many different people. From computer engineers and electrical engineers to business administrators and everything in between. They work together in expert and close-knit teams. Because we value team work at Vanboxtel.

Activities and meetings

The personal nature of our company is mirrored in our personnel activities. We regularly get together, for nice outings or for serious theme meetings. Thus, we develop ourselves both in terms of substance and as a team, so that we put in a great team performance for our clients every day.

The contact with my colleagues is very good, it almost feels like family

Jorrit - Implementatie Engineer

Do you already see yourself in this?

“Even for the administration office, technical know-how is a must”

“Together with four of my colleagues, I ensure that our accounts are all in order. This ranges from the salary of the employees to the billing of customers. We do not hire external accountants; we do all this work inhouse. Even in this department, you still need to have a certain amount of technical knowledge, to ensure you understand even the most complex bill that will be sent to a customer. Luckily, technology is one of my hobby’s. For this reason, I am the point of contact for everything regarding our buildings, its contents and our vehicle fleet. Whether it is a broken coffee machine or a broken climate control system, I will either solve it myself or direct the best suited colleagues to the task. This amount of diversity is what makes this job so much fun, together with the contact with all of my colleagues.”

Joris Hermens - Teamleider bedrijfsadministratie