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Vanboxtel in Boekel has been implementing and managing automation solutions for more effective and efficient flow since 1989. Of goods, people, cars, telephone calls, data… Vanboxtel speeds things up and makes movement in business more flexible. According to many customers of this family business, the people with their ‘a deal is a deal’ mentality are what makes the difference. What kind of work do Vanboxtel’s employees do and what motivates them?

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We make working together fun by puzzling on that cool solution, but also outside of this work we go all out together! We think sportsmanship and fun are very important. Experience it yourself!

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Analytic capabilities, curiosity, team spirit and persistence. These are more or less the competencies required to be successful at Vanboxtel. We are constantly on the lookout for talent. People who do not avoid challenging issues, gladly tackle problems and will not stop until there is a solution.

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