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Vanboxtel in Boekel has been implementing and managing automation solutions for more effective and efficient flow since 1989. Of goods, people, cars, telephone calls, data… Vanboxtel speeds things up and makes movement in business more flexible. According to many customers of this family business, the people with their ‘a deal is a deal’ mentality are what makes the difference. What kind of work do Vanboxtel’s employees do and what motivates them?

“The best feeling is when a functionality works exactly as intended”

“The best part of our job is to see it implemented in the real world. For example, when a functionality that I programmed, works as it was intended for the customer. Every customer is unique, and for that reason we personalize our soft- and hardware solutions. Imagine a mechanised warehouse with room for three thousand pallets. The storage system has detailed information about every pallet and its locations. With just one press on a button, the correct pallet will be transferred from its storage location onto a truck. When this works perfectly, it’s a fulfilling feeling. Even though I have been working for Vanboxtel for 12,5 years, there are still new technologies to be discovered. And since I get all the room, I feel the need to discover these technologies so I can keep improving myself to get better at my job.”

Wouter van der Bom - Software-engineer

“A permanent contract after a seven month training period, that’s the Vanboxtel standard”

“After finishing my seven-month traineeship, I got rewarded with a permanent contract. So, what is next for me? To be honest I am still not certain. I find developing software very interesting, but also enjoy customer visits. Luckily, I get all the room I need to develop myself further. I originally worked in the insurance industry, but wanted to discover what else I might like, and might be good at. Vanboxtel offered a program consisting of three test days, which was ideal. In those three days you work on a few assignments, get to know the company and the work it does, and you will also meet the colleagues. In my case it just clicked, both for me and for Vanboxtel, after which I could start my traineeship. I’m happy at Vanboxtel and want to stay and grow here for the coming years.”

Vincent Welten - Software-engineer

“We have a pleasant working atmosphere. You are never on your own”

“It is always a nice feeling to see the change in a customer’s warehouse: when they, for example, switch from paper forms to a well-ran, automated, logistical process, like currently is happening at a Belgian metal wholesaler at whom we currently have a project going. Once my colleagues have tailored the soft- and hardware to the wishes of the customer, I will guide the implementation step by step on site. However, I do enjoy my time at the Vanboxtel offices. There is always a nice working atmosphere and your colleagues are always willing to help. Furthermore, Vanboxtel organises a lot of activities, not only for its employees but also their family members. This is a nice way to get your family involved in what you do on a daily basis.”

Thom de Jong - Implementatie-engineer

“I lead roughly thirthy IT-projects, and in doing so I work closely together with my colleagues”

“If you are interested in Technology, Vanboxtel is the perfect employer. I myself started working at the bottom of the ladder, years ago, when I had to install computers. But Vanboxtel offers a lot of room to develop yourself. Nowadays, I lead the more complex projects. Based on the question asked by the customer and our preliminary research, I decide which solution we will offer to the customer. Once the customer agrees to this proposal, I will conduct an internal kick-off of the project, will divide it into different phases and put the correct IT-engineers on the correct phase. During the project, I will be the point of contact for both my colleagues and the customer. At times I can have up to thirty IT-projects under my supervision at one time. The magic word to handle this: Let go. Or in other words: Trust the expertise and knowhow of my colleagues.”

Thijs van Haandel - IT-engineer / projectleider

“No day is the same, due to our continuous innovation process.

“I have two jobs in one. Both programming and implementation are part of my job. One day I could be programming in our office garden, while the next I might be visiting a customer. Recently I was at a large supermarket chain in Belgium. This chain wanted our Supply Chain Software and wanted to expand this with an ordering system with which customers can do their groceries online. I came up with a design and developed the software accordingly. Afterwards I tested this software and implemented this at the customer. This shows how at Vanboxtel you are involved from a to z at projects. I have been at Vanboxtel for five years know, and no day is the same, since we try to innovate continuously and keep improving our own development platform. Therefore, our current software cannot be compared to the software of five years ago.”

Teun van de Hei - Software- en implementatie-engineer

“I have a very dynamic job, with something new and exciting crossing my path on a daily basis”

“The service desk is the hub of the organisation. Every customer question and error message gets submitted here. Furthermore, we make the schedules and coordinate the tasks of our employees. This makes for a dynamic work environment. During the internal traineeship several years ago, I learned to program but was tasked with handling the service desk one day a week. I fell in love with working at the service desk, and the nice thing about Vanboxtel, once I made my feeling known that I preferred the service desk above the software department, they were more than happy to cooperate. Since then I have also started to do more implementations. At Vanboxtel everyone works very hard, but the atmosphere is still very relaxed. I know all of my 150 colleagues well and they are always up for small talk and a good laugh.”

Sophie van Haandel - Medewerker servicedesk

“I am on the road a lot of the time, but still I am in daily contact with my colleagues”

“Two days a week I will be visiting customers, to keep up relations and see if I can help them. Is an existing customer looking to expand or optimise their current logistical process? Or is a new customer facing challenges on a technical area? I will get to the bottom of the issue to help them in the best possible manner. From this point I will coordinate the project on the customers side, as well as internally at Vanboxtel. I started fifteen years ago at Vanboxtel as a programmer, and also conducted a lot of implementations. With this experience, I have a better understanding of the customer’s questions, and even understand the employees of the customer. Because of this experience, I can translate the question to a technical solution. To answer all of these questions in the best possible manner, I’m always in contact with my colleagues or on the road to visit customers. This diversity in workdays is why I enjoy my job so much.”

Ruud van Gastel - Medewerker klantbeheer

“In my first year at Vanboxtel, I have worked on a wide range of projects”

“At Vanboxtel you get the opportunity to do things you have never done before. During my year at Vanboxtel I have worked on a wide range of different projects. Vanboxtel offers the chance to develop yourself under the guidance of an experienced colleague. And the fun part: Technology also keeps developing, so there is always more to learn! One of the current trends is virtualisation, which is showing a lot of possibilities. An ever-growing number of companies is starting to implement virtualised systems. Furthermore, there is a large transport company which I’m helping in the development of a cloud environment that will be able to run all their applications. The contact with the customer is a part of the job that I really enjoy. I work with employees of the customer, who can directly tell me if a solution works properly, which gives a fulfilling feeling.”

Roy van der Weijden - IT-engineer

“I have learned a lot in a short period through working on different assignments”

“How can we ensure the latest type of pallet conveyor system in our customers warehouse communicates with our soft- and hardware? And is this possible with open source technology? My job is to research and answer these and many other innovation questions. Answering these questions can be done in a matter of just a few hours, but sometimes it takes fifty hours to answer a question. Most of my knowledge I have gained while working at Vanboxtel. By taking on assignments that get ever more complex, I have experienced a lot of growth. I enjoy having such a challenging job at an interesting tech company that is located not even five minutes from my home! With its professional but informal atmosphere it is a pleasant working environment. Starting a bit later than usual or leaving early when the need arises, at Vanboxtel it is always possible.”

Rieneke van den Boom - Innovatie-engineer

“I work on projects from A to Z and am in direct contact with the customer”

“If you like to work independently and want to have a lot of responsibility, Vanboxtel is the employer for you. As a software-engineer you work on projects from start to finish. I am in contact with the customer concerning their wishes and demands, research the possibilities and develop the solution. Should our software, for example, communicate with mechanics? Then I will be in direct contact with the end users of the solution (mainly employees of the customer). Recently, I adjusted the voice directed picking solution for a large Dutch supermarket chain. In short, by consulting the pickers of the company I simplified the voice commands and implemented this in the system. Additionally, I also trained the pickers myself. My work is diverse and challenging, and I’m also never stuck in traffic for this amazing IT-job, and that’s worth quite a lot.”

Mark van de Braak - Software-engineer

“At Vanboxtel there is a great feeling of togetherness: We’ll do it together”

“My interest in technology started while working in the military. I took courses in IT there, but when I started at Vanboxtel I just had a basic level of knowledge. However, that is all you need when starting at Vanboxtel. Vanboxtel gives you the opportunity to start with little to no knowledge and learn on the job, with the possibility to grow in the company. Thanks to these internal educational possibilities and excellent guidance, in only five years I started working on the bigger projects. And what does the near future bring? I set the goal for myself to grow towards project management and am given that opportunity at Vanboxtel. The logistical sector is an interesting one that is constantly developing. Since every customer is different, we work with a broad spectrum of technologies. The work atmosphere at Vanboxtel – professional and informal – suits me, together with the ‘we-feeling’: We really do it together.”

Maik Wassink - IT-engineer

“No day is the same and I work with a range of different people”

“In my role as project leader, I am responsible for multiple ongoing projects. For these projects I am involved in all of the different phases, ranging from planning and scheduling to determining the system setup. While my colleagues are developing the software, I will ensure that the employees of our customer are fully up to date and able to work with the system, and that this is done according to the project schedule. To reach this goal, I will closely cooperate with the customer during test trials and will setup the system step by step with the employees of the customer. The best part of my job? Visiting all these different customers and working together with a wide variety of people. Moreover, no day will be the same: One day I am visiting a customer, the next day I will be preparing some training courses or running test trials.”

Joris Willems - Implementatie-engineer

“Even for the administration office, technical know-how is a must”

“Together with four of my colleagues, I ensure that our accounts are all in order. This ranges from the salary of the employees to the billing of customers. We do not hire external accountants; we do all this work inhouse. Even in this department, you still need to have a certain amount of technical knowledge, to ensure you understand even the most complex bill that will be sent to a customer. Luckily, technology is one of my hobby’s. For this reason, I am the point of contact for everything regarding our buildings, its contents and our vehicle fleet. Whether it is a broken coffee machine or a broken climate control system, I will either solve it myself or direct the best suited colleagues to the task. This amount of diversity is what makes this job so much fun, together with the contact with all of my colleagues.”

Joris Hermens - Teamleider bedrijfsadministratie

“I do not have an IT background, but that isn’t a must. You learn quickly at Vanboxtel”

“I work a lot on location of the customer to implement our solutions. A while ago, my colleague and I spent 48 hours non-stop at a customer to implement the connection of our software with the newest type of pallet conveyor system. In general, I both program and implement. But since I expressed my preference for implementation, I get the chance to focus on this. Providing this kind of opportunity is typical for Vanboxtel. I focus on the shorter implementations. I used to do the bigger projects too, but combining these time-consuming projects with a family life proved to be difficult. I started my professional career as an X-ray laboratory worker. Even though I do not have an IT-background, I still have the possibility to learn and grow at Vanboxtel.”

Hilde de Wit - Van den Boogaard - Implementatie-engineer

” I bridge the gap between the hard and software of our Supply Chain system”

“Bridging the gap between hardware and software, that is the short description of my job. Together with my colleagues from the scripting team, I ensure that our Supply Chain Software is running smoothly on virtual servers. One of the more intriguing current challenges is the switch from Windows to Android. This switch has made, for example, the management of barcode scanners more important, for instance regarding security. These and other developments always keep my job dynamic, since IT is an ever-innovating sector, which at Vanboxtel, you will notice among the whole length and breadth of the company.”

Hans Donkers - Software-engineer scripting

“Everything you need to know, you’ll learn on the job. So even without a technical education, you can start working today”

“What differentiates Vanboxtel from other tech companies? You do not need a technical education to start working at Vanboxtel. Since we develop all of our software and applications inhouse, you will learn everything you need to know at Vanboxtel. I have colleagues who come from either an agricultural or psychological background. This variety in backgrounds enriches our organisation. I myself have been working for roughly twenty years at Vanboxtel as a software-engineer. During this time, my focus has been on the more complex projects, such as those involving a connection between our software and the latest mechanisation technology. When I see that our solutions have actually led to improvements in the warehouses of our customers, it gives me a great sense of fulfilment. Technology, logistics and practical use are inseparably intertwined and are in constant motion.”

Erik Jans - Software-engineer

“The best part of my job? The human interaction with colleagues and customers”

“Drawing up and following up on standard quotations, that is the essence of my job. When a customer needs fifty additional barcode scanners, or perhaps a wireless network in their warehouse, I will ensure that my colleagues get all the necessary information to draw up the clearest quotation. The interaction with my colleagues, that’s exactly what makes this job as enjoyable as it is. Of course, the contact with both national and international customers also does help. At any time, I have between 10 to 30 quotations under my care. This means I am always in contact with many of my colleagues. Some of these quotations tend to be complex. They are quotations for development and implementation projects lasting several weeks, which I guide from start to end. This is what makes the job so diverse.”

Caspar Smit - Commercieel Medewerker

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