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Hand terminals and touch screens visually show the way in the warehouse.

Clientcase: Intersafe

Touch screens provide efficiency for complex logistics

From safety clothes and shoes to helmets, hearing protection and oxygen masks: Intersafe provides products for workplace safety. Based on regular orders and orders through the webshop, about 20,000 packages leave the warehouse each month. A lot of these are personally addressed : for instance, someone will receive a ready-made package at his/her work or home address containing, for example, a pair of shoes, pants, coats and overalls. Naturally, all will have the right size and be fitted with a company logo and name tag printed by Intersafe. A logistics system that became too complex for the wholesaler to handle with paper administration. It was time for an advanced system.

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Visual picking & packing

Both in the warehouse and at the printer’s, people now not only use hand terminals but also use Vanboxtel’s new touch screens. Photos and images visually guide the seventy employees through handling multiple orders simultaneously. Moreover, all steps in the logistics process are scanned. And because of the clear reception and recording of data in the Warehouse Management System (WMS), urgent orders are now also handled with the right priority.

Stress-free office and work floor

Vanboxtel turned the paperwork into automation and provided a flawless link with Intersafe’s ERP package. Thanks to tracking & tracing, the process operator is given real-time insight into the stock and goods flow and is able to immediately act in case of bottlenecks. Not only does it result in higher efficiency, less errors and an increase in production, but it also results in a stress-free office and work floor. Something valued very much by Intersafe, because a calm working environment is also a safe one.

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