Romar Trading, Aruba
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Mobile terminals and proof-of-delivery function get rid of your paper administration in one fell swoop.

Clientcase: Romar Trading, Aruba

Advanced app with proof-of-delivery

Business in the Caribbean is done in a different manner than we are used to. A deal is a deal? Not on Aruba. There, a change or rejection of orders at the time of delivery is nothing out of the ordinary. This is handy for the buyer, but a challenge for wholesalers. Goods are returned every day. Romar Trading, importer of beverages and wholesaler of, for example, Heineken, Guinness, and Johnny Walker, had trouble processing the credit flow. Vanboxtel turned this enormous amount of paper administration into a smart app.

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Scanning and proof-of-delivery

The internal goods flow did run smoothly thanks to the Vanboxtel Warehouse Management System. We developed an expansion for the challenges outside of the warehouse: the Transport Management System. Shipments are scanned and linked to the right truck and the driver is on the road with a mobile terminal. At the customer, the returns are processed in the application and the buyer digitally signs for the delivery. And thanks to the permanent internet connection, these data are processed immediately: the customer receives the final packing note and invoice via email. Return deliveries are automatically generated and booked as well.

Efficiency and cost-savings

The mobile terminals and the proof-of-delivery app get rid of the paper administration in one fell swoop. This alone results in a significant reduction of costs. Apart from efficiency, the app also offers real-time insight into all orders, trips, returns and packages. And insight facilitates direction: Romar can react immediately during all stages of the process. Moreover, the return flows are handled quickly and efficiently. The additional benefits: a higher turnover rate and increased productivity.

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