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Completely worry-free in terms of hardware, software, telephony and systems management.

Clientcase: SRG International

Software, hardware, telephony and 24/7 support

Chocolate, cookies, candy and other goodies. In part thanks to SRG International, we can also buy confectionery in non-food retail, such as Action. The supplier buys up major remaining lots from over thirty countries and sells them again internationally in a very short space of time. But a lot needs to be done in advance to make this happen. Absolutely everything is repackaged in the packaging, composition and amounts desired by the buyer. This and the fact that foodstuffs are subject to very strict quality requirements made registration a necessity.

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A complete worry-free experience

SRG International does what they are good at. Vanboxtel takes care of the rest. With which we not only mean taking care of smart logistics processes via our Warehouse Management System (WMS). We also take care of the complete systems management from Boekel, as well as the hardwaretelephony and operation of the presentation screens. We also developed a system for labelling the products.

Significant efficiency boost

Scanners now register all steps of the inbound and outbound goods flow. Thus, SRG International knows exactly how many of which type of chocolates are put together in a box and how many are left in stock. This significantly boosted efficiency. And thanks to tracking & tracing, every product can be traced directly both within the gigantic warehouse and elsewhere. SRG International does not have to worry about the technology at all. All systems and equipment are in good hands at Vanboxtel, and are supported 24/7 by the service desk.

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