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Lot codes ensure flawless registration of pallets, cartons and consumer units.

Clientcase: Unipharma

Tracking & tracing via lot codes

Name a health product and UniPharma has it. The wholesaler supplies no less than 43,000 different care products, over-the-counter medication and food to over 2,000 shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. Apart from these store deliveries UniPharma handles an ever increasing number of fulfilment orders from web drugstores from the same distribution centre. This means that entire pallets and large cartons are listed beside single boxes of painkillers on the picking list. If you then also take into account the importance of tracking & tracing for medication and food, you can understand why UniPharma came to Vanboxtel.

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Efficient registration and storage

What has been produced, when and where, and what is the expiration date? It does not only matter to the customer, but is also essential for the logical storage order, order picking and shipment at UniPharma. Thanks to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) with lot codes and barcode scanners, the wholesaler now has a real-time overview of all this information.

Reliable figures and quality control

When products are returned, by the pallet or as individual units, then the WMS will also take care of reliable registration of the stock. This gives UniPharma real-time insight into all data. Which in turn results in higher efficiency, quality and better cost savings.

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