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From soil to mouth: real-time insight and higher turnover rate.

Clientcase: Vereijken Kwekerijen

Tasty Tom tracking & tracing

When working with foodstuffs you have to deal with constant quality requirements and inspections, which means that proper traceability is crucial. Vereijken Kwekerijen grows, packages and delivers Tasty Tom vine tomatoes for the national and international markets throughout the year. Because the organisation, growing capacity and turnover kept growing, it was high time to implement an advanced logistics system. Vanboxtel installed a company-wide solution for Vereijken and the collaborating Tasty Tom growers.

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From harvest to delivery

From cutting the tomatoes to delivering them at the auction hall: the entire logistics process is registered with the Warehouse Management System (WMS). On which field or in which greenhouse has been harvested, loaded and transported, when and by whom? What is the weight, and what are the resources and packaging methods? The wireless network allows for scanning and recording all data onto labels of both pallets and packaging. The latter is often even more valuable than the tomatoes themselves. Vanboxtel also took this into account: the packaging is tracked from start to finish in the WMS.

Higher turnover rate and reliable figures

Tracking & tracing. Or from soil to mouth as they say at Vereijken. The real-time insight resulted in a significant increase in efficiency: a tighter planning and a higher turnover rate. ‘Apart from control, the system also provides exact production figures and management reports,’ Hans Vereijken of Vereijken Kwekerijen says. ‘Now we can issue reliable prognoses to the auction hall and buyers and respond to changing wishes in a flexible way.’

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